Helping People & Places Thrive

Early Voting in Nash County

October 20 - November 5

Monday - Friday 8am - 7:30pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm

I am a pastor and public servant, not a politician. That means my focus is what I want for people and not what I want from people. Living, working, and worshipping in rural eastern North Carolina, I know firsthand the deterioration of our schools, the struggle to find workers, the lack of affordable housing, the high cost of utilities, the need for broadband and wastewater infrastructure, the need for accessible and affordable healthcare, and the lack of good options for childcare and pre-school. I am running for a third term to continue working to fix these and the other issues facing us as a community.


As a results-oriented, consensus-building leader, I champion commonsense, bipartisan legislation to revitalize our rural community and address the level of inequality between rural and urban North Carolina. Together, we can stimulate our rural economy by increasing access to affordable health care, reimagining public education, and empowering the next generation of workers with the skills they need to succeed. We can also expand 21st-century infrastructure to rural North Carolina to connect businesses with the global market, ensure rural veterans get the care and services they need after they return home, and support farmers and landowners.

Locations: Braswell Memorial Library - Nash County Agricultural Center - Mount Pleasant